complaint’s management

The Society always receive public complaints, protests and outcry globally. These complaints, protests and outcry were the highest in African Continent than any other continents in the world because of the Society’s trust, honesty, fairness, capacity and dexterity. The complaints were investigated, observed, monitored and researched with appropriate recommendations to Government and Authorities for actions, failure for the governments and authorities concerned not to act in the Society’s recommendations, the Society instituted Legal action in the Court of Competent Jurisdiction to seek for redress of the victims and citizens for the interest of the Public Justice, Peace and Unity, Security, Good Governance and Development of that Nation.

Details of the nature of complaints and Public outcry receive by the Society were as shown below:

  1. Corruption in the Public and Private Sectors in Nigeria, Africa and Globally.
  2. Violation of Human Rights of the Citizens.
  3. Degrading Treatment by Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA)
  4. Unlawful Arrest, Detention and Torture of the Citizens by LEA
  5. Extra Judicial Killings
  6. Disobedience to Court Order
  7. Delay in the Dispensation of Justice, Hearing of Appeal/Lack of Fair Hearing in the Judiciary System – Nigeria, Africa and Globally.
  8. Domestic Violence Against Women and Girls.
  9. Child Abuse/Child Abandonment
  10. Dismissal/Termination of Appointments in the Public and Private Sectors.
  11. Non-Payment of Salaries, Benefits, Entitlement, Gratuities to Civil and retired Civil Servants.
  12. Communal Clashes.

13        Environmental Issues/Degradation

  1. Appeal for Prerogative of Mercy
  2. Land & Landed Properties
  3. Insecurity/Bad Governance
  4. Threat to Life
  5. Social and Political Conflicts
  6. Political and Constitutional Rights
  7. Religious Rights and Freedom
  8. Humanitarian and Social Services
  9. Political Killings, Hired Assassinations and Kidnappings etc
  10. Others


All complaints in writing can be submitted either by E-mail, Speed Post or physically and shall be addressed to the Director General of the Society also can be submitted through the Society’s website by simply completing the Complaint Form available on Site.


2.2.1       Any person or group of person/Organizations are entitled to lodge human rights violation, corruption and insecurity to the society.

2.2.2       Any person(s) acting on behalf of another person(s) who cannot act in his/their own behalf is eligible to complain to the Society.

2.2.3       Any Association(s), person(s) acting in the interest of his/her/their members/association on their own either by writing or orally to the Society.


Any victim or the person against whom the alleged violence is made is not in a position to lodge a complaint, Third Parties who may include relations, friends legal representatives or concern, non governmental organizations may lodge the complaint on his/her behalf.


Any person(s), individual(s) or association(s) affected by Human Rights violation, corruption and insecurity is able to complain not only on his/her/their own behalf, but also on behalf of others who are also affected.

  • SUO MOTTO-(Society’s Initiated Complaints)

The International Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Society has jurisdiction to initiate Independent Uninfluenced and Undiluted Investigations or Inquires into possible situation and alleged cases of Human Rights violations, corruption and Insecurity against any person without receiving a formal complaint or invitation from any person or quarters.


All individual or Organization who alleged to have involved in Corruption, Abuse of Human Rights, Insecurity and Abuse of the Nation’s Law and Constitution, the Society shall put the individual or organization on Notice within 14 days to respond or react, failure not to respond or react, the Society shall without any recourse or reminder shall commence an independent, uninfluenced, unalloyed and unbiased investigation of the complaint or public outcry and if found to be true and correct, legal redress shall be sought for on behalf of the complainant or public outcry for the interest of Justice and the Nation.

Some of these complaints apart from corruption cases, during investigation were asses to justice Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which thereby promoting peace and unity among the parties.