The Society observed that 70% of Nigerians criticized the Federal and Local Government for not addressing the flood ravaging the Nation immediately the prediction by the Nigerian Meteorogical Service and why the Government at all levels were shirking its responsibility. The Society observed with facts but sadness to note that the Government at all levels over the years turn deaf ears to entreaties to build Dreams to store excess strom water and dredge the Nation River especially Rivers, Niger and Benue to creat Cavity to hold water and therefore the Government Officials cannot accusing Cameroon Government of inundating the Nigerian Nation with flood water for and its lagso Dam and Kanji Dam in Nigeria.


International Human Rights & Anti-Compton Society observed with sadness that Nigerian Government at al levels ought to have built her counterpart Dam for water detention since  the 1950s but did not every, when Cameroon Government built in 1982.


From on Society’s Independent and influenced investigation revealed that 1,230,000 million death, 10,456,350 people have been displayed 2,819,775 House were taken over by the flood and crops (foods stuff, domestic animals etc) worth US, 200 million Dollars were destroyed during the period of flooding. 70% Nigerians accused the Federal Government of insensitivity to the plights of the people stressing that until the Government made the welfare of the people its priority, the public would continually be exposed to avoidable danger and unnecessary hardships.


This unique Society observed that the number of people killed displayed and the properties destroyed will be on the increased, unless the Federal Government of Nigeria take, the necessary measures as the effects of Climate Change will continue to affect the intensity of rainfall and water will always find its levels. Thus all mitigative and adaptive measure must be taken taken to tackle the effects of Climate Change whole Emergency Management Machinery (EMM) should be made ready all the times.


This unique Society commends and congratulates the Lagos State Government/Leadership to have constructed and Cleaned of drainage channels priority since 2007 and therefore are not much affected by the flood.

This Society also observed with sadness that dispite the huge some of Million of Dollars appropriated to the Ecological Control in Nigeria, nothing had been done with the money due to high rate of Corruption in Nigeria, again Nigeria at the age of 52 years now has no reasonable Emergency response.

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