Focus Of IHRAS

The Organisation Focus and Embark on Independent Investigation,

Research, Observation, Monitoring and reviewed of national,continental and international Intervention Projects…

Trainings, Workshops/Seminars, Conferences, Visitation in promoting and defending:

United Nations chatter, European and African Union Charters and other National and International

Organisations and Agencies, treaties/Activities, Mission, Objectives and Goals, Human Rights and Justice including enforcement and prosecution of violators culprits in corruption .

Other Activities Includes:
Fight against Corruption.
Democracy and Governance.
Human Development especially Global Health and other Health related Diseases and Infections.
Communities and Livelihood.
Contemporary Forms of Slavery and Rehabilitation of Victims.
Budget and Projects/Programmes implementation
Environmental Issues and Agricultural Production.
Multi Dimensional Approach to Security.
Court Litigation/Action.
Global Solutions and Human Settlement Programmes.



On December 10 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted and proclaims the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Following this Historic Act, the Assembly called upon all member Nations to establish human rights Institutions/Organizations (NGOs) and to publicize the text of the Declaration “caused it to be disseminated, displayed need and expound without destructions base on the political status of Nations or territories. In recognizing the Concern of the United Nations, European and, African Union charters and all other International Organizations Treaties for promotion and protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom for all without discrimination as a race, sex, language or religion, some Nations resulted in the gross erosion and Violation of Fundamental Human Rights, Rule of Law and Due Process. The Society in recognizing the need to contribute and raise the Nations to meet the Global Security, Peace and Unity and remedy existing evils in the Moral, Social, Economic, Political, Religious and Cultural Conditions of the Nations and awaken our self to a desired State of Consciousness to build, assist and promote successful and permanent Human Rights, Anti-Corruption, Security, Good Governance & Democracy and Development of all Nations


International Human Rights & Anti-corruption Society is a Professional Non-Governmental, Legal, Autonomous, Intermediary and Independent minded global organization and custodian of Public interest, public good, public rights and Sociological representatives of the Citizens and Nations for advancing and promoting human rights in line with the International Laws; United Nations Charter, African and European Charters and other instruments including protocols in the United Nations Systems.


As an International Non-Governmental Organization, Established ON 1st June, 1999 Legalized and Certified on May 23, 2007 by the Law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 1990 to represent the citizens and the Nations interest and aims at creating an enabling environment for extra judicial recognition, promotion and enforcement of Human and Organizations and Associations in the Nations to implement their operational laws and International Donor Organization/Agencies Project/Programmes, Monitoring & Evaluating and Reporting to ensure Projects/Programmes methodology and mechanism thereby preventing financial mismanagement/corruption, providing a forum for public education, rallies and enlightenment on Human Rights, Anti Corruption, Labour, Environment and Dialogue on Human Rights Issues thereby preventing controversy and confrontation.


To defend the Peoples Rights and fight against Corruption through effective and objective analysis of social, political, economical, educational, traditional/cultural and religious issues as they affect the people. To serve as an alternative medium of expression for the governed and the government to ensure that both discharge their social responsibility effectively.

1.4           VISION STATEMENT

The Society is of a world in which every person irrespective of class, religion, race, ethnicity etc enjoys all the Human Rights as enshrined in the Constitution of the Nation, UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights, African and European Charters and other Nations Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Organizations Treaties. Promoting International Values built on the Principles of fair play, Justice, Goodwill, Social Order, Accountability and Transparency for the purpose of Development and Good Governance since Globalization has become the death of a distance.


The Society has have Action Plan. The Aims of the Society at all times in all spheres conform to the Nations’ Constitution/Law and shall strive to:

1.5.1              Promote Transparency & Accountability in all spheres of our Nation’s endeavors.

1.5.2   Promote all Provisions of the Nations Constitution on Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Laws and the United Nations Charter on Universal Declaration of Human Rights. United Nations Convention against Corruption and Terrorism Prevention Act and Resolutions.

1.5.3   Promote all the Provisions of African Union Charter on Human and Peoples Rights including the Rights and Welfare of the Child and Freedom of Citizens taking into account the important Traditionally attached to these Rights and Freedoms in Africa.

1.5.4  Promote all the Provisions of European Charter and all other International Organizations Treaties and Laws on Human Rights, Anti-Corruption, Security, Peace and Unity, Good Governance & Democracy, Development and Freedom of Citizenry.

1.5.5              Provide Charitable, Philanthropy, Humanitarian and Social Service to the vulnerable communities, less privileges, physically disadvantaged, groups or persons, through International and National Donors Organizations, Agencies and Governments at all levels.

1.5.6              Promote Moral orientation and support the Crusade of fight against Corruption in the Public and Private Sectors, promote the Constitution and Laws of the Nations.

1.5.7              Promote all Provisions or mandate of the Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Law for the purpose of working against corruption and violation of human rights in the nations.

1.5.8              Liaise and cooperate with National, International Organization and Agencies on Human Rights, Anti-Corruption, Security, Labour, Environment & Sanitation Management and Development for the purpose of advancing the promotion and protection of Human Rights.

1.5.9              Strengthen Human Rights, Anti-Corruption Policies Formulation and Development through Collaboration with the Governments, Organizations and Agencies.

1.5.10            Assist victims of Human Right Violation and seek appropriate redress and remedies on their behalf.

1.5.11            Promote Electoral Education, Enlightenment, Monitoring & Observation, Reporting and Mass Participation in Electoral Process of the Nations.

1.5.12            Participate in all International Activities relating to the promotion of good governance & Democracy, Human Rights, Peace & Unity, Anti-Corruption, Security, Labour, Environment and Development.

1.5.13            Promote Participatory Democracy at all levels of Government in the belief that sovereignty belongs to the people from whom Government, through the Nations Constitution derive all its powers and authorities.

1.5.14            Institute International Awards and Honours for good leadership and entrepreneurship.

1.5.15            Organize Local, Regional, National and International Workshops, Seminars and Conference on Human Rights, fight against Corruption, Security, Environment, Labour and Development to the members of the Public of the Public & Private Sectors.

1.5.16            Integrate Women and Youths into main stream of National Development.

1.5.17            Advance and strengthening Environmental consciousness, protection and monitoring through sanitation capacity supports for the interest of the Nation.

1.5.18            Undertake such activities as, in the opinion of the society are ancillary, incidental or conducive to the promotion of Aims and Objectives of the Society and Humanity.

1.6           POWER OF THE SOCIETY

The Society shall have power to conduct an independent research, investigation and inquiries into all alleged cases of Human Right Violation, corruption and commence legal  action if found to be true and correct. Intervene in Legal proceedings when there is fear of miscarriage of justice for the for the purpose of aiding the court in arriving at justice of that matter for the interest of the Nation, to publish and report the state of Human Rights, Anti-Corruption, Environment and Development of the Nations, assist in the implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation and Reporting of Government, Agencies and Donor Agencies Programme for the benefits of the Nation.

1.7           GOALS

The Goals are dedicated to Protecting, Promoting, Defending and Enforcing Human Rights and tackling Corruption around the world and promoting Cultural of peace among the Nations. To protect people from in-human conduct in war time and bring the offenders to Justice. Challenge Government and those who holds power to end abusive practices and respect international human rights laws and enlist the Public and National, Regional and International Community to support the cause of human rights and anticorruption for all.


The Society shall be Affiliated and Cooperated with National and International Ecumenical Organizations, Transitional Institutions, Courts, and Law Enforcement Agencies for Social and Economic Protection. Co-operation with members Nations in promoting the Aims and Works of the United Nations, African Union, European Union, Organization of American State, Common Wealth of Nations, Economic Country of West African States and other International and Regional Organization/Agencies and Groups with similar aims and objectives of the Society.


International Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Society has the below membership and status:

1.9.1              Special Consultative Status with United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

1.9.2              Membership of African Union Commission-Economic Social and Cultural Council.

1.9.3              International Observer – World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) – Geneva.


International Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Society has Six Major Organs to carry out the Aims and Objective in line with the Society’s Constitution:

1.10.1      Trusteeship Council

1.10.2      International Directors

1.10.3      National Executive Council

1.10.4      National International Chancellors

1.10.5      Regional States and Grassroots Coordinators

1.10.6      General Assembly and Staff


International Human Rights & Anti-Corruption has Twelve Directorates, each Directorate is Headed by a Professional:

1.11.1      Administration and Finance

1.11.2      Human Rights & Anti-Corruption

1.11.3      Security and Intelligence

1.11.4      Legal and Investigation

1.11.5      Public Affairs and Publicity

1.11.6      International Affairs, Economic Cooperation and Development

1.11.7      Governance and Democracy

1.11.8      Planning, Research and Statistic

1.11.9      Budget and Project Implementation

1.11.10    Environment and Labour

1.11.        11            Human Resource Management

1.11.12    Development


The Society budget and Source of funds are through the:

1.12.1      Trusteeship Council Funds

1.12.2      Individual Donations and Gifts

1.12.3      Financial supports and Gifts from Governments, Co-cooperate Bodies, International Agencies and Private Individual.

1.12.4      Fund Raisings.

1.12.5      Grants from National and International Organizations and Agencies

1.12.6      Financial Aids from National, Regional, and International Directors and Chancellors

1.12.7      Organizing Workshops, Seminars and Conferences for Public functionaries.

1.12.8    Commissioning for Retainership and Consultancy Services for Public & Private Sectors.

1.12.9      Projects & Programmes Monitoring & Evaluation, of Government/Agencies at all levels and International Donor Organizations.

1.12.10  Such other money(s) as may be lawfully received by the Society.

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