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On 1st October 2012, the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, addressed Nigerians on the occasion of the nation’s 52nd Independence Anniversary thus:-

Among the challenges the president amply recognized in his are the persistent Insecurity in the Land, the deluge of floods ravaging many states and local governments across the federation Country, Corruption and the Economy, al or which the President said his Administration had been working assiduously to tackle. The President nevertheless claimed progress in the Economy Sector as well as in the fight against Corruption. The President reeled of gains in the Economic Sector, among them, a claim that the  Cross  Domestic Product  (GDP) has risen to over 7% with N6.8 Trillion  in both Local and Foreign Direct Investment Commitments. The President Jonathan  said has likely made Nigeria the “Preferred  Investment destination in Africa”. On Security, President Jonathan gave has Administration a Pass Mark, adding that the Government has been in constant consultation and collaboration with neighbouring Countries and other friendly Nations to check Insecurity. The Government fight against Corruption, the President said, resulted in the decision of the Anti-graft watch dog Transparency International (TI) to rate Nigeria as the “Second most improved Country” in the fight against Corruption, a step behind the United States. Again during an Inter-Condemnation Service in Abuja 52nd

Anniversary, the President Jonathan reportedly said Nigeria problems required Divine Solution and called for a Year-Long National Prayer and solicited the Participation of every citizen”.

International Human Right & Anti-Corruption Society observed that”.

  1. President Gooluck Jonathan addressed to the Nigerian on the occasion of the Nation’s 52 week Independence Anniversary seriously attracted widespread Reaction across the Country by over 60% Nigerians.
  2. The facts and substance of the message have consumed to resonate long after the Anniversary Activities were concluded.
  3. Also the claimed by the President on Transparency International and endorsement has since generated controversy with the Authorities of Transparency International (TI) denying that they (TI) ever gave Nigeria such endorsement.
  4. It’s appeared that President Jonathan and his Aids are still learning the ropes of Governance as his Independence Speech evidently mirrors seeming helplessness and No Political Will or Preparedness to take Present responsibility for the problems facing the Nation as such President Jonathan Unsure steps are not reassuring. The Country Status as a failed State in which criminals hold sway over Constitutional Authority to the expense and in utter Contempt of the Constitution and the people.
  5. There is no rare moment for deep reflection on the Nation’s Journey since Independent on October, 1, 1960 and how the Leaderships Federal, States and Local Government intend to address the problems that have made the Nigerians despondent, and instill hope in Nigerians for the future. Such hope can only be based on a sure-foundation that people have seen, not Promises and on all accounts, the President Jonathan speeches did not meet Nigerians expectation because Nigeria at 52nd Birthday has no Practical Stories to tell Nigerians especially with regard to:-
  6. Infrastructural Development (No infrastructural Development Federal, State and Local Levels)
  7. Good Governance (No accountability & Transparency in Federal, State and Local Levels
  8. Anti-Corruption war (High rate of Corruption in the Public Sector)
  9. Security (No Solution to the General Insecurity and Boko Haram Scourge)
  10. Development (No insurgency, Human Dedapect poverty, No health Care and No Manufacturing)
  11. Individual Competitions among others.
  12. Human Right (High rate of Human Right above, above of office and Allegiance ……………… ……………. Of innocent Citizens without to the Rule of Law & Constitution International Human Right & Anti-Corruption Society in-depth Observation companied and contracted with 606 Nigerians wide spread reactions access the Country hereby conclude recessed:-
  1. CONCLUSION RECOMMENDATION: There is on doubt that the task of leading a Country as large and complex as Nigeria could be challenging, but the 52nd Independence Anniversary Celebrates on 1st October 2012 give the President Jonathan opportunities to renew his Visions and pact with the reasonable and creative people and organization. The broad cast was rather vacuous, poorly delivered and lacking in inspiration especially for those who looks up to the Presidents Jonathan to inspire the citizen towards achievements of Nigeria’s National aspirations. The President was also unfortunately misled by his Political Aids on some of the achievement the President claimed to have achieved to Nigerians.

Again, the attempt by President to elevate spirituality to state policy with a called for prayer programme on the occasion of the Independence Anniversary is also out of place. Undoubtedly, pregame is very significant in the affairs of mankind, but prayers without  doing the rights will not build any Nation Genuine commitment to action that will improve the well being of the people and development of the Nation is very important. Also it is beyond doubt that Nigeria as a sovereignty State(s) is now a suffering state(s) and the Nation is in a State of paralysis right now and insanity, corruption and human rights violators and Exe-judicial killings are beyond control and therefore promises to tenure the menace have not yield concrete results and therefore score and reclaimed that:-

  • Score settee
  • Recommendations
  1. The President Jonathan must inspire first and make a clean break from the collaboration with National and International Non-Governmental Organization that has the United  Nation’s Economic & Social constructive status to mentor, observed, evident and report directly to the President on the Achievements and people participation in the public life.
  2. The President Jonathan should as a matter of urgency think outside the box, take blood step/decisions and implements them because all what the ministries, Departments and a gender are reporting/presenting to him 60% are not live but camouflage.

Score Sheet: The Nyan County’s score sheet after 52 years in existence is pathetic, these include:-

  1. Power supply – 20 percent – 20%
  2. Infrastructural development – 30%
  3. Health Care Delivery – 20%
  4. Human Rights 25% and Human Right Violations – 80%
  5. Anti-Corruption 10% and Corruption – 90%
  6. Security 20%
  7. Governance 20%
  8. Manufacturing 10%
  9. Labour 30%
  10. MDGS 20%
  11. Environment

In March, 2012 Nigeria Weather Department called Nigeria Metrology Service, predicted that there would be flood in the year 2012 in Nigeria. A part from Lagos State Government that took the forecast seriously, the rest of the State Government did not take the forecast seriously because of Compton. Nigeria at the age of 52 years has no Emergency Rescue to Flood.


  1. No difference in approach to governance
  2. No differences in belief
  3. No differences in Commitment to serve this people

It is politics of vengeance, it is politics of showing what it means to have the might and technical know how to pull down one another most especially at the State levels in Nigeria.


  1. Responsible for Collection
  2. Provide Implementation Assistance to M&E. Manager
  3. Compilation of monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports
  4. Monitor progress towards attainment of targets and to adopt targets to realities.
  5. Provide an improved foundation for planning effective resources use.
  6. Identify unacceptable high cost interventions and opertions
  7. Provide Records of Events
  8. Provide Information base future elevations, maintain quality stewards.



The 5th of Novembe, every year is set a site by the United Nations as the International Elimination of Violence Agent Women Day, to celebrate and reaffirm the dignity and inviolable right of women.

On this vital occasion, this unique Society reflect on the various Human Rights challenge especially violence and abuse and affect women from all kinds of background. As the world marked the International Day for the Elimination of violence against women, the world and all the citizens should ensure both prevention of violence against women and ensure that women are providing economic opportunities and equal participation in public life. The world should also repeal laws, policies and practices that continue to discriminate against women also ensure that homes, schools, streets, offices are safe for women and girls.

International Human Rights and Anti-Compton Society wants to State that the Elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls is the priority theme of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women’s 57th Session which will be held in March, 2013.

This unique Society has observed around the world that as many as 6 in 10 women reporting having expensive physical violence at some point in their life time. The violence knows no geographical, cultural, Social, Economical in educational boundaries. It is phenomenon that affects all Societies and takes many gruesome forms. From sexual harassment to female genital mutilation, forced manages to killing which this is mostly wide smeared Human Rights violations of the time. This is also violations that claims millions of victims every year and causes terrible physical and emotional pain.

The International Human Rights and Anti-Compton pledged to lead work in this area to ensure that violence against women becomes a thing of the past and ensure that many women most especially in Africa have greater access to economic empowerment. This Society want to use this opportunity to call all Nigerians, Africans and Global citizens to respect the right and freedom of one another because the respect for Human Rights engenders peaceful co-existence, justice and suitable development of Nations.

Dr. U. O. Udofia

Director General



In order for International Human Rights and Anti-Compton Society to properly address the issue this discourse seeks to capture there is need to put the word’s “Stigma and Discrimination” in a capsule of definition in relation to HIV and AIDS and other Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD).

Stigma in relation to AIDS can be referred to as the Prejudice, discrediting of people perceiving to have HIV and AIDs. It is very strong and effective means to exclude and exercise Power over such persons. It is a means of Social Control that can be used to marginalized and exclude such people from the larger Society. Dr. H. Herek explained that “AIDS Stigma is effectively universal, but its form varies them one community targeted for AIDS Stigma vary considerably”.

In broad terms, discrimination on the other hand usually refers to rejection of subjects or whatever target with undesirable qualities. Discrimination in this instance can sometimes be lawful e.g discrimination on ground of merit. In relation to HIV and AIDS zero-status in compulsory and uniformed testing without prior consent, violence against persons perceived to be infected and in some instance quarantine of persons with AIDS.

Since Stigma and Discrimination are universal, interrelated and mutually reinforcing, manifest in many ways throughout the world creating major obstacle to efforts at providing care and support to victims of rape people living with Aids, (PLWA) sufferers of sickle cell disease and other isolated and , stigmatized groups like the albinos’ dwarfs’ Osu (outcast) etc. stigma associated with these health condition has prevented with open discussion on their causes and appropriate responses to them, thereby fuelling their further spread negative impact on the Society.

Stigma is promoted by many Factors, principally ignorance, misconception and fear. Lack of adequate information on how HIV is transmitted and the treatment available to infected persons for example mystified the disease and exacerbated the stigmatization of people living with Aids. Stigma leads to discrimination and other violations of Human Rights which affect the wellbeing of person with various health and social conditions mentioned above. Discrimination is a violation of Human Right contrary to the principle of Non-Discrimination and Recognition of the Equally to all persons enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and many other Human Rights Instruments. These texts inter alia prohibit discrimination based on race, colour, sex language, religion, political or other opinion, property, birth or other status, which the        United Nations Human Rights Council interpreted to include health. There are well documented cases of persons suffering from various illnesses being denied the right to health care, education, freedom of movement and association etc.

The ‘shame’ associated with some of these conditions prevents the suffers particularly victim of rape people living with Aids from seeking treatment or even joining support grounds to enjoy certain rights, care and support. This is even word if persons involved are members of particular groups that are already isolated and stigmatized like ‘Osu’ albinos or sex workers. Non disclosure and difficulty in seeking treatment occasioned by stigma therefore further aggravate health condition of victims of these disease with serious consequences on their families in particular and the society in general.

In the case of HIV/AIDS for example no disclosure and stages of the people living Aids are recognized only when they reach symptomatic states of the disease, where available care and support may not be of much help to them. Before them, they may have infected many persons with the virus and eventually leave behind orphans who are economically deprived and isolated, due to suspicion of being carriers of the virus themselves. Some of these health conditions like sickle cell disease are totally avoidable through premarital blood tests to ascertain the genotype of the couple. However, even hen children are born with the disease they should not be seen as liabilities’  but as human beings who needs care and support. There is a Global Consensus on the need to tackle issues of Stigma and Discrimination as sine qua non for the prevention and treatment of many health conditions.

People living with Aids have not achieved through overcoming stigma and discrimination because the epidemic proportion attained by the disease and there is no effort by the government despite the donor Agencies Government Funds. The citizens suffering from the diseases who constitute 70% of the populace in Nigeria and Africa have no accesss to the right information about the virus because there is no Public/Government Awareness Campaign and as many have not overcome the stigma and openly declare their status.

It is on the basis of the above that intensive Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Society Independently carried out the implementation of Human Right and HIV/AIDS and other Sexual Transmitted Disease GD for he promotion of Global Health program in Nigeria and Africa. (See pectoral format on Global Health Issues Independently cannier out in Nigeria was Africa for the promotion of United Nations.

CONCLUSION: Stigma and discrimination must be addressed squarely in order to achieve public health goals and the awareness required to successfully mobilized all stockholders, including the Governments. The rural people who constitute 70% population of Nigeria toiled and Africa should be seniors enlighten town Hall meeting, Cattail of frat Discrimination and Human Rights violations, because of the relationship between Stigma, multifaceted and sustainable approach is required in order to create an atmosphere where these violations are no longer tolerated. To achieve this, issues of Stigma and Discrimination must be brought to the front burner of Social discussions in a proactive manner that would be preventive rather remedial.

  1. International Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Society’s care tuatara lecturing the PLWA and Administration of HIV/AIDS drugs in Nigeria.
  2. International Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Society Advocacy Training on linkages between HIV/AIDS & other Health Related disease and Infectors in Nigeria and Africa.
  3. International Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Society with Health Services Team Interacting with people with HIV/AID and other Health related disease on Health lifestyle.

SPECIAL APPEAL FOR RESPONSE AND RECOMMENDATIONS: The unique society after careful and Independently promoted the Global Health Issues in Nigeria and Africa hereby appeal and recommend as floss.

  1. Opinion Readers, families, and individuals to make appropriate response to each health challenges.
  2. Concealment as experience in the campaign against HIV/AIDS efforts at containing them.
  3. Governments at various levels are responsible and accountable for several of victims of various health conditions.
  4. They must therefore ensure that individuals suffering from acute health conditions leading to stigmatization and discrimination have to opportunity to realize their Right.
  5. The Human Right Commission and indeed many NGOs have not been handing with considerable degree of success complaints of violations of right brought by people living with Aids.
  6. Adequate laws and policies should be put in place to address these issues and particularly protect persons living with acute health conditions from all forms of discrimination.
  7. People living with any type of health condition should be able to live freely in the society and receive compassion and support from members of their families.

People living with Aids have not achieve any break through as such there is no overcoming stigma and discrimination because the epidemic proportion attained by the disease and there is no efforts by the Government despite the Donor Agencies Grants/Funds. The grade root citizens suffering from the disease who contribute 70% of the popular in Nigeria and Africa have no access to the right information about the virus because there is no public/grass root awareness campaign and as many have not overcome the stigma and openly declare their status.

It is in the basis of the above that International Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Society Independently carried out the implementation of Human Rights and HIV/AIDS and called Sexual Transmitted Disease (S70) awareness for the promotion of Global Health Programes in Nigeria and Africa (See the Picture formation and A2.