This unique Society observed and assessed the constant Jos Plateau Violence and conflicts engulfing most of the Local Government Areas in the State. Out of the 17 Local Government Areas of the State, only Pankshin, Mangu and Kanke are the Local Government that are not witnessing major upheavals in ht last two decades.

The major violence of the Plateau killing were that of 1994. the maiden 1994 croses, during which long, standing disagreement over land and chieftaincy Tilep, stocked violence. The Government se up several Judicial Commision  of Enquire several Peace Summites held by Stakeholders, President Advisory Committees have also been convened, all these were to fine lasting Solution but in s spite of all these Enquires, Peace Summites and Advising Committees the violence and attendance human casualties keep rising in unprecedented Proportions.

Inter………… Human Rights & Anti-Compton Society observed that the nature of the conflicts and violence in Plateau State is best described as the HAUSA-FULANI PLATEAU CRISES,  this is because all the incidents since 1994, the recurring factors has been the FULANI Pitched against other ethnic groups; Hausa Muslim against Berom in 2001, Hanusa – Fulani Shendam people in 2004, Hanusa – Fulani protest over election in Jos North (2008), Fulani versus Berom (Dogo Nahawa 2010) Fulani versus Berom in 2010 2011 and 2012. all the crises in Plauteau State from 1994 till date here common cause which is “OWNERSHIP OF JOS LAND”. Some of the conflicts have defied all the solution because on several occasions the Hausa –Fulani have frustrated went to court to challenge the political heavy weights implementation of all Reports of all the Judicial Commission of Enquires confirming Berom, Anaguate and Afizene as bonafide owner of Jos Plateau. This is why the Reports of Judicial Commission of Enquires of 1994, 2001, 2008, 1010 as well as the Reports of Presidential Advisory Committee in 2010 and the BOLA AJIBOLA Committee Report have not been implemented. Other list of abandoned Report include the Recommendation of the Plateau Peace Summit of (2004) and so since the Report of Judicial Committee of Enquire and Peace Summits could not be implemented because on party always opposed the outcome, the alternative path by the other party in Jungle Justice which is the continuous violence.

This Society again observed that arising from the Crises which engulfed Jos and envious from January 17-19, 2010, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan convened a Consultation Forum of Stakeholders to consider  the ugly situation and also set up Presidential Committee made up of 28 members namely:-


  1. Chief Solomon Daushep Lar
  2. Ambassador Yahaya Kwande
  3. Chief John Mark Samci
  4. Senator John Shagaya
  5. Senator Gyan Dantony
  6. Abassador Fidelis Tapgun
  7. Ngoyop Hanatu Chollon
  8. Most Rev. Ignatuil Kaigama
  9. Sheikh Balarabe David
  10. Leo Dilkon
  11. Ibrahim Dansuki Nakande
  12. Neufort Comwalk
  13. AVM Abbas Umaru
  14. Pati Kyari
  15. Chief Markus Ishaya
  16. Chief Tonye Ogunshuyin
  17. Akazamus Anakwe
  18. Smart Irabor
  19. Danladi Atu
  20. S. A. Abok
  21. Alhaki Saleh Bayeri
  22. Alhaji Abdullahi Ardo
  23. Bukar Goni Aji
  24. Istifanus Gynag
  25. Senetor Nasiru Ibrahim Mantu
  26. Alhaji Saleh Hassan
  27. Senator John Wash Pam
  28. Muhammed Adamu Alrali


The Analysis of the Committee members reflected the presence of necessary Stakeholders within and outside the Plateau State which comprises of Political and Community Leaders of the Berom and Fulani, Lawyers and Technocrats term of reference of the Panel among other things:


  1. To recommend Political Solutions to the recurring problems leading to violence.
  2. To recommend to the State and Federal Governments on any other relevant issues aimed at averting resources of such violence.


The Political Committee in the course of this onerous assignment , seeked advice from Sultan Sokoto Alhaji Abubakar Saad II who was at that time the Grand Patrons os Miyeti ALLah Cattle Bleeders Association, met with Gbong Gwom Jos, President of Plateau Council of Chiefs, Da Gynang Buba for counsel also sought input from Sokoto State Government and Government of the 19 Northern States.

The Presidential Committee did a good work with the hope that the Report and Recommendations shall have the potential of bringing lasting solutions to the conflict in the State with Fact Findings that as a result of years of Mining Activities in Plateau State, a large portion of Land was degraded and rendered unsuitable for the “Economic Activities, Farming and Grazing”. This factor alone is enough to get Fulani and Berom into enless battle because land degradation in Plateau State affects mostly Berom Land. In Plateau North Senatorial Zone, Fulani Herdsmen and Berom Farmers clash regularly while scrambling for farms land and Grazing space which both sides have resources to encroach on each territory.

International Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Society observed the Presidential Committee which made Eight Recommendations that:-

  1. The Grazing Reserves be establish in areas that are vulnerable to Farmers/Grazers especially Barkuin Ladi, Bassa, Jos South and Riyom Local Government Areas of the Plateau State as contained in the Approved Government White Papers on Justice Niki Tobi Judicial Commission of Enquire Report 2001.
  2. The Grazers and Farmers should rededicate themselves to work towards promoting mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence in mediating any conflict situation within their groups
  3. Joint Consultative and Peace Committee should be constituted at Ward, Village and District Levels for settlement of disputes among Farmers and Grazers.
  4. Abandoned Gazetted Cattle Routes and Reserves should be reived and strengthen with the view to settling the Fulani Grazer away from Farmlands.
  5. Leaders of the Berom and Fulani should work towards promoting mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence in mediating over any conflict situation within their groups.
  6. Fulani Herdsmen who encroaches on farmland and farmers encroaching on approval grazing reserved should be penalized by Appropriate Authorities.
  7. Herdsmen should obtain proper permission from Farmers before moving their cattle to graze on crop residue.
  8. Herdsmen should not leave their cattle in care of underage children – a practice which normally results in destruction of crops.


Again in order to encourage speedy reconciliation and end the spate of attacks and counter attacks being witnessed between the two parties, the Presidential Committees urged the Federal and the State Governments of Nigeria to ensure that all internally displaced persons-specially the Fulani herdsmen are assisted to return to their original settlements.

Finally, the President Committee found out that Non-implementation of Past Reports of Judicial Commission of Enquiries were factors in the recurrence of the crises, hence urged the Federal and State Governments to adopt, implement the past Reports for the purpose peace, truth and reconciliation of all the parties. The past Reports to be urgenly implemented were:-


  1. Justice J. Aribiton Fiberisima Judicial Commission Inquiry Report
  2. Justice Niki Tobi Judicial Commission of Inquiring over 1994 Crises
  3. The Presidential Peace Initiative Committee on Plateau State Chawed by Emir of Zauzau, 2004.
  4. Plateau Peace Summit of 2004
  5. Justice Bola Ayibola Judicail Commission of Inquiry into 2008 Crises


CONCLUSION: This unique Society after careful observation analysis and non implementation of the Judicial Commission of Enquiries Reports and comments/persons interfusion from both Commissions, this unique Society compare the Jos Crisis witht e Israeli-Palestinian conflict in term of longevity and the inability of the Federal, State and Local Government including the Stockholders to find lasting solution to the problems. Again the report indicated so many Political Elites who are sponsoring/Promoting the crisis, because these Political Elites are benefiting from the problems and are not ready to solve the crisis with fair and just minds. The problems are Political and not Religious claimed to be and need Political solutions with Political will.


RECOMMENDATION: International Human Right & Anti-Corruption Society after careful Observing, analyzed and Evaluate Special appeal to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Government  of Plateau State to ……….. all the repute fault interest of ……………….. Human and Development.

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