International Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Society illicit trade observed and assess the Nigerians and Africa’s position in the control of Narcotre drugs and Psychotropic Substances the strategies and effort adopted by relevance Agencies to could be members for the benefits of mankind. The Society’s observation and Assessment Cover Nigeria’s and Africa’s efforts effort in the Reputation of Precursors, Suppression of demand for drugs as well as Progress recorded by Nigeria and Africa in the Areas of supply reduction research treatment and rehabilitation. Also covered the areas of mutual interests which include the Nigerian and African Countries efforts at strengthening or updating legislation and policy on drug central administrative institutional frame work, compliance with treaty-based reporting and other drug prevention efforts.

This unique Society observed and asserted through personal interfusion and drug law enforcement volunteers that the Drug Law Enforcement Agents intercepted Narcotic Drugs which include:

  1. Cannabis
  2. Heroin
  3. Cocaine\Psychotropic sustenance


Millions of Drug barons were arrested but only 40% were convicted by the Court. Through the International Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Society’s Volunteers in Nigeria  and Africa tip-up, the Drug Agencies have discovered and destroyed cannabis farm in Nigeria and Africa measuring 2,540,000 hectares in years 2012.

International Human Righs an Antio-Corruption Society through it research, discovered more tricks and concealing methods of Drug trafficking cartel in an attempt to avoid detection, prevent huge fraud losses, evade arrest and prosecute. The Society also observed that the Drug Barons go the extra kilometers in hiding their drugs through the use of female hand bags, cooking utensils, candle and false bottom of luggage are some of the adopted common ways by Drug Trafficker to cancel drugs. The Society also observed that Drug Traffickers used metal handle of bags as means of concealment, liquid cocaine in sachet properly packager to like juice.

The Society again, observed that the Drug barons hide their drugs in bed sheets,, enquire pistons, sole of shoes, television sets and industrial sealed tin food packeds. Also observed in the year 2012 were special cases where the Drug Traffickers emulsified Cocaine in solvent and immersed cloths in the Southern making the Cocaine look like starch on the cloths. We again observed that in the inter-state cannabis smuggling included the use of foodstuff like garri, yam and plantain while other Drug Deaden use Governments and Missionary vehicle usually with the connivance of driver, used fake Government Official Plate Numbers.

International Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Society observed that drug baron are becoming more sophisticated in drug concealment also there is no Country’s efforts by the Government in Nigeria and Africa in strengthening updating legislations and policy on Drug compliance with treaty-based reporting and other drug preventive efforts. Again the Agencies for the enforcement of illicit trades have no effective leadership in eradicating the illicit in Nigeria due to Corruptions and the weak enforcement.

The International Human Rights and Anti-Research showed that the incurred of drug in Nigeria and Africa is as a result of lack of effective trade penalty to the offenders (i.e. Drug barons prevalence blamed to the weak enforcement). Also the increased are due to the Nations porous borders and lack of Government in Nigeria and Africa to enact capital punishment finding offenders. It is on such stringent measure shall in eradicating Drug Trade in Nigeria and Africa.

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