On 5th June, every year is set aside by the United Nations general Assembly in Stockholm through Resolution 2997 of December 15, 1992 to celebrate the World Environmental Day. This year celebration is specifically aimed at re-affirming commitment to preserving planet earth and with attentions drawn to key environment issues.

On this auspicious occasion International Human Right & Anti-Corruption Society on the various Environmental Change facing the World. Wastes (solids and liquids), Land degradation, Erosion, Flooding, Hurricane, Pollution, Illegal Deforestation/Burning of buses etc are some of the common Environmental Challenges on daily basis. These are also huge gap in accessing Social Amenities and services.

This Society in line with its mandate and contributing to United Nations Environmental Programes made circulation Press Release on June 5, 2012 called on Government at all level Individuals and corporate citizens to contribute their quota to the reclamation of the Environment from agents of degradation and to urgently reduce carbon emission and embrace green economy, and for all resident of the Coastal area should keep close watch on the shores and report any drifting ship to the Governments or International Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Society to facilitate quick recovery of such vessel before they become wrecks and threaten the lives of the people.

The Citizens must desists from Sand Mining along the beaches and resist such action by other. Bush burning and deforestation should be discouraged by all residents, the wastes should be properly packed and disposed through the waste disposal Bins. The Drainages, Logons of Rivers, Streams and methods must be kept clear of all forms of waste-solid, sewage, and liquid domestic or industrial. Protecting the wild life and aquatic lives as these constitutes a balance on the ecosystem.

This Society further Campaign for effectively protecting the environment, citizens must intensify the tree planting exercise while calling on Governments, individuals and corporate organizations to continue to support the initiative in the interest of all citizens. This Society is reaffirming the reality of Climate Change and call for Government at all levels to make holistic approach towards mitigating its effect through efficient waste disposal system, institutionalization of tree planting campaign effective drainage system, Public awareness Campaign and School advocacy, Programme to sensitized the Public on the danger …………………………………………

This Public Press Release on the World Environmental Day will enable the visitors, Citizens and stakholders to have first hand assessment of the projects on Waste Management to re-evaluate Government efforts in waste disposal system in Nigeria and African State and by extension globally.

As Nigeria, Africa joints the rest of the World in making this day, the International Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Society reaffirm its commitment to upload and protect the Government and every persons living in Nigeria, Africa an globally, with the ultimate objective of establishing in culture of respect for Environmental Right and also want to use this opportunity to call on all citizens in Nigeria, Africa and Global to support a Precautionary Approach to Environmental Challenges, ………….. initiative  to promote greater Environmental Responsibility and encourage the death point and diffusion of Environment friendly Technologies whereby promoting sustainable development in Nigeria, Africa and Globally

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